• New Arrivals

    A real-time roundup of the latest gear to hit our site—from limited exclusives to fresh new styles. Be first to know what just landed on our shelves.

  • Everyday Carry

    They’re not random. You don’t just toss them in your pocket. Oh no, your Everyday Carry  EDC  items are the deliberate result of concentrated streamlining and maximization of portability and preparedness. And so we used that same intentional care to curate our EDC shop, offering you only the most indispensable , watches, Multitools, knives and handful of other pocket-sized equipment that you can use everyday.

  • Bestsellers

    Homebase for stocking up on your all-time favorites. Our  bestsellers go from technical FR hoodies to our versatile long sleeve t-shirts. It’s a wild bunch, but they’re the pieces we’re known best for—all earning praise for comfort, durability and union pride.

  • Shirts

    The quality of the cut and the fineness of the fabrics will make you appreciate the value of our exclusive T-Shirts, designed and decorated by Canadian Union Companies. 

  • Hoodies

    An essential to wear alone or layered.

    Here you will find the perfect hoodie to accompany you in your daily activities!

    Available in Black, Navy and Grey.  Zippered or Pullover for a casual and comfortable look.

    Union made in Canada.

  • Sale

    Heads up: most of the sales you know will have a tough time competing with this. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s dig in.

    This is home to all the durable, union pride gear we mark down during our rare sales. Just like everything else in our shop, they’re only here in small batches—so if you catch something in your size, now’s the time to snag it. Once these picks are gone, they’re gone for good.

  • Safety

    “Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless.”

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